Can you Design with the best of them? Can you be a contender for the inaugural Design Guru of 2017’s Design Duel? How would you like to test your design skills and find out if you have what it takes? Step up, submit your entry and prepare for an epic head-to-head Design Duel. Only the best-of-the-best will duel on May 5, 2017 for a chance to win a Wacom Cintiq.

Submit your design with $10 entry fee and you could be designing at the live event. Anyone can submit as many entries as they want. All entries will be judged by the Design Duel committee, who will choose the top 16 designs. Only the top 16 designers will be invited to the live Design Duel event, where they will duel head-to-head in front of a rockin’ crowd that will choose the Design Duel Design Guru for 2017.


Get all the details and download the template.




What is the Design Duel? Design Duel is a fun, exciting challenge for the design community that will see Designers of all types create a digital piece that will be judged in hopes to make it to the live head to head Design Duel. The live event will be open to the public and one Designer will walk away with the Grand Prize and the title of Design Guru of the year.


What does the entry get you? The entry is your designed piece which gets you into the actual competition. That entry will be judged by a panel of objective judges. The judges will decide who ‘s designs will make up the final 16 and receive entry into the live Design Duel.


What does it mean when it says, “…take the attached postcard template and our Design Duel logo and create a completely NEW logo on an amazing 5”h x 7”w (landscape) postcard”? It means that this part of the competition is based on recreating newer – cooler logo for the event and incorporate it on an amazing looking postcard. That’s it. No other text or logos to muck up your amazing design.


What part or parts of the logo need recreated in my new design? Just the words Design Duel are asked for. You can add icon(s), images or art to enhance your logo as you see fit.


What artwork is allowed and not allowed? No religious imagery, nothing political, and nothing too risqué will be judged. Anything with logos of any sort, that do not pertain to this event, will not judged. Each artist is responsible for creating their own artwork and using their own images. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


Do I have to use the template provided? No but anything other than those dimensions will not be judged.


How many entries can I submit? As many as you want.


How will the finalists be chosen and will they have a heads up on what they have to do at the live event? Prior to the event, the final 16 will be notified and told to be prepared for certain topics and maybe even give the templates for the upcoming challenges. They will be able to have images and fonts that may be suitable for such topics. Each Designer will have the option to bring their own laptop or use one of the events.


Is the Grand prize the only prize and is it definitely a Wacom Cintiq? The Prize(s) are subject to change depending on availability. The Grand prize will be a Wacom Cintiq or comparable prize.