We had a blast at our most recent event! Thanks for such a great turnout and a special shout out to all of our amazing speakers. If you have any follow up questions or just want to drop a friendly hello, here's how to get in touch with our speakers:

Common People United
website: www.commonpeopleunited.com
Twitter: @dotcommonpeople
Danee Pye: @daneepye
Alex Jonathan Brown: @AlexJonathan
Gavin Saxer: @g_saxer

RocketBuild / Jason Ward
website: https://rocketbuild.com
Twitter: @RocketBuild 
Jason's Twitter: @the_ward

Union Metrics / Jenn Deering Davis
website: https://unionmetrics.com
Twitter: @UnionMetrics
Jenn's Twitter: @jdeeringdavis