Greetings to all of our members and visitors! The American Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne is so excited to release our new website for everyone to utilize and enjoy. We are working hard to bring you more content, more photos, and more access to our amazing organization.
As your current President, I wanted to share my plans for the future of the Fort Wayne AdFed. Hopefully many of you have already received the teaser postcard for this year’s Advertising Honors. We are working hard to continue the trend of excellence with the growing event and helping it reach its full potential by increasing our reach to our entire district. We have had record-breaking attendance and entries each year since we switched to hosting our own local design awards and hope to keep the trend going. We cannot thank our members enough for helping us keep the awards local and ultimately helping us give back to students with more scholarships each year.

One other area we want to continue growing is our programming. We work hard to find speakers and topics that are engaging, meaningful, and promote further education in the design industry. We would love to hear from our members with ideas of topics or speakers you think would be interesting to have for one of our programs. We want to include everyone from the advertising industry, so whether it’s a creative talk, marketing discussion, or presentation on electronic media, we want to balance our programs throughout the year.

Programming and awards are nothing without the support of our members. We strive to keep our membership growing and word of mouth from our members has always been a great way to reach out to potential members. If you are looking to get more actively involved in any area of the AdFed, we invite you to contact any of our board members with how you would like to help. We love to have members involved on committees with our board members to bring fresh new ideas to the table. We look forward to hearing from you!

- Ryan Geiger