Date: Thu, Nov 17, 11:30 am

Location: Cinema Center

Speaker(s): Danee Pye, Alex Jonathan Brown, and Gavin Saxer from Common People United and Jenn Deering Davis from Union Metrics

There’s no magical button that turns “likes” into dollar bills. Common People United (and friends) will lay out the roadmap for creating a digital strategy that matches your business goals, content that your audience will love, and a metrics plan that lets you know for sure that it’s all working.

From Common People United - Danee Pye, Alex Jonathan Brown, and Gavin Saxer: Common People United (CPU) is a digital marketing agency based in Downtown Fort Wayne. In addition to our core team of digital marketers, media strategists, and content creators, we also have a growing network of agency and vendor partners, allowing us to assemble the right team for any digital project. Danee has a Ph.D. in Communication Studies and founded Common People United in order to help connect brands and audiences through better online communication. Alex is the Content Director for CPU, and Gavin Saxer is the Media Director.

From Union Metrics - Jenn Deering Davis: Jenn is a co-founder of Union Metrics, a social analytics company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Austin, Tx. They deliver social media answers to brands and marketers through powerful multi-channel social analytics across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. She is Editor-in-Chief and responsible for Union Metrics’ customer experience and communications. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication & Technology.

From RocketBuild - Jason Ward: Jason is the Director of Accounts at RocketBuild, a web development company in Indianapolis. He is responsible for nurturing partnerships with agencies and clients, helping to formulate solutions to technical problems, and developing service offerings. Jason is a native of Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University (BA, 2001) and the University of Indianapolis (MA, 2007). After nearly a decade in the public and nonprofit sectors doing social service work and research, Jason made the leap to a local creative agency where he specialized in account management, creative strategy, writing, and bridging the gap between business needs and innovative design/development.

Networking at 11:30AM |  Luncheon and Auction at 12:00PM